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Investment for Idealism

Responsible investing can deliver strong returns as well as a better world. Climate transition presents an historic investment opportunity. Instead of saying ‘how are we going to pay for this’ – should we be asking 'what’s the price for not changing now?

Can the Beautiful Game Be Good?

It's no longer just locker room chat - the world has woken up to the enormous power of professional sports to drive change (or provoke debate) in our societies. What needs to happen for sport to be a permanent force for good - for fans, for players and communities?

Places with Purpose

Every place is an opportunity - not just for making money, but for making a positive impact on the world. How can towns and cities build common purpose amongst citizens, communities, elected representatives, businesses to make this happen?


  • Redefining Success

    It’s time to move on from the bottom line, rethink KPIs and embed purpose into strategy. Success in the 2020s won’t be measured on profit alone but on impact – so how do we quantify that?

    • Retail
    • Place & Society
    • Planet
    • Real Purpose
    • Sport
  • Hungry for Change

    Our food systems are unstable. If we’re going to protect the planet, feed everyone and have healthy populations it needs a radical rethink. What should the food systems of the future look like, and how do we get there?

    • Technology & innovation
    • Retail
    • Real Purpose
    • Sport
  • Aggro-culture

    Farmers are on the front line of climate change. Changes to our production methods and diets are essential to address climate change – so how do we protect the agricultural industry and the planet at the same time?

    • Consumer trends
    • Economics
    • Retail
    • Disruption
    • Real Purpose
    • Sport
  • Good Small Business Programme

    Championing Good Business practices in the Liverpool City Region’s SME business communities

    • Big thinking
    • Consumer trends
    • Consumer Behaviour
  • The Regeneration Game

    How can we build, build, build back better? Looking at some real life examples of modern day planning and development – which property companies are ‘giving back’ to the community? Could this become the norm in future or is it a niche market?



The Good Business Festival is driving a movement that believes in the power of business to affect positive change.

Our 3-day ‘in person’ festival is live in the Liverpool City Region from 7th to the 9th of July. We’re taking over unique venues across the city region, pairing thought-provoking, action-driven talks with a full social programme, covering art, culture, wellness and fun.

From climate change and diversity to food and fashion, we’ll be joined by our incredible line-up of industry experts to think big, explore real-time solutions and power transformation for good. Whether you run your own business, work in some-else’s or just want to do better for our planet and humanity, you will find something for you.

We believe that the only way to drive change is to make sure absolutely everyone has a seat at the table. Now more than ever the future is unpredictable, so join us live in July, to change business and society for good.

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The Good Business Festival is passionately non-exclusive. It’s not about what you do or who you know. It’s not about agreeing on everything all of the time. It’s about leaning, sharing knowledge and experience and wanting to be a part of the global good business movement.

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